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Sole Searching

5  – 27  July, 2013 at Laura Mars Grp., Berlin

Performance by Sonja Gerdes: Saturday, 27 July at 9 pm

Laura Mars Grp. is pleased to present Sole Searching, a group exhibition with new works by Veronica Brovall, Sonja Gerdes and Zoë Claire Miller. All three Berlin-based artists work with ceramics. Their work will be shown within the contexts of identity, translation, and tradition. Redefining their practice in challenging ways as women artists, Brovall, Gerdes and Miller translate traditional methods to begin to explore new forms of subjectivity.



Press Release Sole Searching (pdf)

Zoë Claire Miller, PIGS, 2013 (pdf)

FluxFM 4.07.13 (pdf)

Cornered Rooms

2 September – 17 October 2010, Cornered Rooms, Waterside Project Space, London

16 October 2010, Poetic Corners. From Modernist Spaces to Homecomings, London

How do you corner a room? What defines a room? A corner? These questions within the context of anxiety are of interest for the exhibition project entitled “Cornered Rooms”. What happens at this point of intersection of two converging lines? The situation concerns an individual between two ninety-degree angles while inside a room of a building. How does he or she confront the possibility of no escape? Juxtapose a situation of no escape against contemporary architecture’s preoccupation with ‘exit situations’. If the new normal is insecurity a culture marked by risk and fear, the corner is claustrophobic and provides no means for escape. The corner may serve as a metaphor for our social condition. This could offer one possible starting point for this project. If buildings transform and shape us, where and how does the corner position us? How can the cornering of a room trigger transformation?


Project Proposal (pdf)

Poetic Corners (pdf)

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Art Monthly 2010 Oct No. 340 (pdf)

Art Monthly 2010 Oct No. 340 (pdf)

Art Monthly 2010/11 Dec-Jan No. 342 (pdf)


8 August – 13 September 2008, HomeBodies (the exhibition), Atelierfrankfurt, Frankfurt am Main

HomeBodies an exhibition project calls for the reconfiguration of ‘home’.  The aim of the project is to investigate the contemporary feeling of not being ‘at-home’ physically and metaphorically speaking. The title of the project, “HomeBodies” comes from the American word homebody meaning a person who prefers pleasures and activities that center around the home; stay-at-home. It is the starting point for the project where the reversal of its common usage becomes a program. The program intends to create multiple positions of the complex situation of not feeling ‘at-home’. Feeling ill at ease within a body and or home begins with lived experience which will be located and continuously redefined by all those involved in the project.



Press FAZ 10.09.08 (pdf)

HomeBodies (pdf)



The home exhibition trilogy took place in Frankfurt am Main from May 2005 – June 2006 in Annabelle von Girsewald’s apartment on Jungstr. 18. The final exhibition “homing desire” followed the second “home is where the hurt is” and the initial exhibition “home is where the heart is”. The concepts of diaspora and the transnational formation of identity are central to this project. The following artists dedicated themselves to all three exhibitions: Ioan Godeanu (1974, Bukarest), Tamara Henderson (1982, Halifax), Denise Mawila (1970, Frankfurt am Main), Anna Ostoya (1978, Krakow) and Giovanna Sarti (1967, Cervia). In order to create a common ground each artist received copies of the essays “Diaspora, Border and Transnational Identities” by Avtar Brah and of Paul Gilroy’s “Diaspora and the Detours of Identity” at the beginning of the project. All participants engaged in thinking about themselves coming and going and did something creative with the apprehensions at hand.

homing desire

20 May – 23 June, 2006

Homing desire inscribes a longing for a remembered prior home, the desirability of its return yet this is questioned itself. Why desire the past as a real single starting point? Why the wish for a future anchored in one home base? The word, home is the root of the verb, homing, a continuing process to go or return home, to be guided, or to move towards a goal. The drive to return ought to be thought as equally with and distinct from its former and present geographical and genealogical home. Such a form of homing desire is not to idealize one over the other and maintain oppositional value systems, but rather recognition with respect to both. The diasporic imaginary isn’t rootless it claims many homes. Most importantly is the creative tension between the fixed and non-fixed while referring to a center, margins and borders.


c/o Jungstr. 18

60486 Frankfurt am Main



home is where the hurt is

18 November – 23 December, 2005

The individual verses society under structures that shape and influence home and identity is of interest. (To keep in mind, once again: Identity is the interplay between subjective experience of the world and historical and cultural settings in which shifting subjectivities are formed.) Here the focus is on the historical and cultural settings. These settings, situations, and/or contexts are vital for the formation of the home and identity. The transnational displacement of the individual with a certain culture is defined by outside structures. Experienced tension and alienation result and the home is where hurt is located. This exhibition investigates intolerance, the unknown, and new terrain. Hurt may be felt as a physical or emotional pain and/or discrimination based on one’s social, ethnic, or economic situation.

Artist talk with Denise Mawila and Anna Ostoya on 27 November, 2005


c/o Jungstr. 18

60486 Frankfurt am Main



home is where the hurt is (pdf)

home is where the heart is

Friday May 13 – June 30, 2005

The first planned exhibition entitled “home is where the heart is” implies an idealistic personal understanding of what home is or could be. The feeling of being at home as an experience of the senses as if the essence of ‘home’ could be captured in full or revealed in an individual created system of meaning is the core of this exhibition. The physical state of being at home in a house, structure, or specific location.


c/o Jungstr. 18

60486 Frankfurt am Main


home is where the heart is (pdf)



homecomings is an exhibition project in Berlin directed by Annabelle von Girsewald and Cassandra Edlefsen Lasch and is funded by Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin. The project is inspired by Georges Perec’s reflection on lived space in Espèces d‘espaces (Species of Space, 1974) and the House Project (1974–) by Icelandic artist Hreinn Friðfinnsson. Based on a myth, Friðfinnsson built an inside-out house in a lava field of Iceland. By placing the wallpaper on the outside and the façade on the inside, he conceptually encapsulated the universe within his structure. Years later, returning to this original concept, a series of mirrored iterations successively dematerialized the house to a simple frame. Perec’s writing, guided too by a framework of interior logic, aggregates space through incremental delineation, where presence and absence, inside, outside codetermine: “Space is a doubt: I have constantly to mark it, to designate it.”



Portfolio homecomings 2013 (pdf)

The Bakery

The Bakery VI

2 June, 2016, 7-10pm

The Bakery VI coincides with the book launch “Way Over” by the Icelandic Art Center hosted by Egill Sæbjörnsson’s studio. As with each Bakery iteration there will be an exhibition setting the mood to get your hands dirty. The exhibition displays all of the former posters, works of art such as framed drawings, and ‘breads’ made by former participants, along with hats and aprons from previous events. The theme of the evening, “The Fantasy of Breads and Cakes” is diversity. Each guest is invited to create breads and cakes out of clay. Celebrating difference as a positive, each ‘bread’ is as unique as its creator.

Kinzigstr. 18

10247 Berlin

(Behind the green gate)



The Bakery V

22 May 2016, 12-4pm

Egill Sæbjörnsson’s The Bakery V takes place at The Hafnarfjördur Centre of Culture and Fine Art during the Reykjavík Art Festival. The theme of the daytime open workshop entitled, “Architecture – Working With Dough” is elements of architecture.

Harfnaborg Center of Culture and Fine Art



Press (pdf)

The Bakery IV

11 July 2015, 2pm

Egill Sæbjörnsson’s collaborative artistic project The Bakery hits its fourth edition with a special focus on the direct and indirect impact of the climate change.

Agora Collective, Berlin


The Bakery III

3 May 2015, 1-4pm

Egill Sæbjörnsson’s The Bakery III asks participants to envision future homes alongside

invited architects and arts professionals, an open event to be creative through a medium that is

both familiar and unfamiliar, displacing auto-cad with molding and modeling.

The Bakery III was a part of the opening events of homecomings: PROJECTIVE SPACE  in the courtyard of Kurfürstenstr. 13, 10785 Berlin.


Invitation (pdf)

The Bakery II

13 June 2014, 7 pm

Traveling between different locations, The Bakery is an evolving project investigating the passion of baking. With each installment The Bakery—part performance, part installation —presents the results from the event prior while creating its next iteration. For its second episode we’ll bake with dough under the guidance of Zeit für Brot at freitagsküche in Frankfurt am Main.

freitagsküche, Frankfurt am Main



Monopol Tipps und Termine 09.06.14 (pdf)

The Bakery I

21 September 2013, 3-10pm

The Bakery is a performance, installation and research project initiated by Egill Sæbjörnsson in collaboration with the curator Annabelle von Girsewald.

Participating artists: Rosa Barba, Florian Neufeldt, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson

Come and participate in The Bakery in the courtyard on Torstrasse 111, Berlin